Faithbridge Community Ministries

Our Ministries

Here's an overview of some of what Faithbridge has going on...
Faithbridge Kid's Club

Teaches biblical principles through bible-storying, crafts and games, gives kids service projects to particpate in such as flyer and bread distribution and community litter pickup.

Faithbridge Ladies Fellowship

Provides a bi-weekly opportunity for ladies to find friend support, prayer partners and accountability, and an evening away from the kids for fellowship, learning and service projects.

Faithbridge Mimes

A music and mime ministry engaging adults and kids alike in wordless storytelling and dance.

Faithbridge Loaves

Distributes dozens of loaves of bread to needy families each weekend. (The bread is provided by Panera Bread, so we thought we'd give 'em a plug here!)

Faithbridge Closet

Provides free gently used clothing--along with towels, blankets, coats, shoes, boots and more--for anyone in need.

Faithbridge Helps

Is a benevolence fund, structured around meeting folks where they are but not leaving them there... which helps (as possible) with financial crisis in families.

Faithbridge Neighbors

Is our program of active partnerships with some social service providers, municipal authorities and property managers to help them pull off great services such as Beginning with Books, Community Day, Crime Watch, available service information distribution and much, much more. (Community Builders, Focus On Renewal, Meyers Ridge Residence Counsel, Community Leadership Initiative and many other great groups--shout out for you here!)

Faithbridge John 17 Ministries

Programs partner with other ministries to assist with their events, outreaches and ministries. We believe that when Jesus prayed to His Father that "they would be one as you and I are one" He meant it... and we want to always honor that prayer. (Greater Grace Church, Mckees Rocks AOG, Iron City Church, West Hills Baptist and many others... thanks for believin' and living like you believe!)


A true caring ministry where the ladies and men of Faithbrdge are there for their nieghbors and help see them through difficult times and challenging circumstances. Without going into private details... we've seen God do amazing things through the availablity of His children in this area.

Faithbridge Drum Worship

We encourage participation during our worship services and have a rotating roster of youths playing hand drums during worship.

Faithbridge Loves

Is our homeless outreach. We take food and tons of clothing to downtown Pittsburgh where we work alongside other ministries (one all the way from Stuebenville College in Ohio!) It's a huge blessing for us.

New ministries are on the horizon...

We're recruiting for a new youth mentoring program right now, we have a core group bible study coming on line, and we're looking forward to seeing what us God brings our way in the near future.

These programs are a blessing, and hard work. We're operating on a shoestring budget all of the time and often end up financing things out of pocket.

If you can help, please do. God is transforming lives and bringing salvation where many thought it was impossible.

Thanks for checking us out!


Please contact us if you have any questions about our ministries or would like to know about other opportunities to serve our community that may not be listed here.